Maxan Jean Louis

Maxan Jean Louis


    Maxan Jean-Louis (1966- )

    My name is Maxan Jean-Louis. I have been painting since 1992. I am from Haiti, a Haitian artist, of course.

    I have two different styles of painting. One is political painting and the other one is from the school of Saint Soleil. I paint political problems since I don’t have a voice to talk about it. So I speak through my paintings where I can express myself freely. Also, painting is what I do for my work—to help me raise my children and to take care of my family and myself.

    My first exhibition was at the French Embassy in 2005, then at the French Institute in 2005 and 2008, and another exhibition at Alliance Françoise in Jacmel, Haiti, 2011. I have many paintings, because I paint constantly. I also sell them.

    I try my best to do good work. All I do and feel myself, I express through painting.