Georges Desarmes

Georges Desarmes

    Artist’s Statement

    Michaud, Yves/ Georges Desarmes

    Yves Michaud was born in 1950 in Port-au-Prince. In 1969, he entered the Beaux Arts Academy and studied for a year. He then began to work with Nehemy Jean who encouraged him to pursue an artistic career.

    Michaud met Carlo Jean-Jacques at the Galerie Monnin, who taught him the technical aspects of composing a painting. In his work, he touches upon all the genres of Haitian art.

    In 1971 Yves became a member of Les Nouvellists founded by Scordilis, but left them shortly afterwards to work on his own. He then set up a studio in Leogane where he is inspired by rural Haitian life. He has been working for the Galerie Monnin since 1989.
    Since 1998, Michaud has started a new style that captures unique images of Haitian life in the palette of bright and rich hues with which it is naturally composed and signed them Georges Desarmes.